I've been taking oxycontin for past 8 years. About 2 months ago my pharmacy switched to Reformulated Oxycontin. Within day or two I began feeling sick, felt sicker with each day - started vomiting, dry heaves, constant sweating and neck pain became severe and almost completely unmangeable.

At first I wondered if maybe my body just couldn't metabolize reformulated Oxy. Wondered if there was possible interaction with other meds so that it could not work. Even wondered if reformulated Oxy was all just placebo now.

My dad is terminally ill and so I kept a one week pill box in locked safe, ready to grab as soon as he passed. Feeling desperate, I took it out and began taking my old oxys and could not believe WHAT a HUGE difference it made - real pain relief was back, sweating and vomiting stopped stopped pretty fast The only down side was that I felt like I was taking too strong a dose even though was taking same dose New Oxy. They were like totally different medications. Unfortunately, when old oxy ran out had to go back to reformulated oxy and all the former problems (side effects) have returned. Breakthrough med ( oxycodone)helps but does not offer consistent relief and because of larger doses needed to manage pain causes intense itching due to lack of time-release benefit of Oxycontin.

Over the past 8 years Oxycontin gave me hope and my life back - now that hope has been "reformulated" into despair