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New opana-er is it working for pain better?

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DzooBaby 6 Apr 2012

As far as I know, they did the same thing to Opana ER that they did to OxyContin. They made it more abuse resistant. They have added a polymer to make it very difficult to split or crush. If you were to hit one with a hammer it wont crush into powder but flattens out and may break into large pieces. When you try to mix these pieces with liquid, say water, to inject, it turns into a gloppy, gummy mixture that is impossible to draw up in a syringe and inject. If they try to snort the powder, same thing, it goops up in the nose and wont absorb properly. If you take the pill by swallowing whole, however, you shouldnt be able to tell much difference between the new formula and the old. Now with OxyContin, they changed one more thing. They changed the rate that it absorbs into the bloodstream.

Buddy1971 6 Apr 2012

I would agree with the first poster if I hadn't read on this sight about other problems with the O.P's. Some people had them pass right through & into the toilet. Now I don't know how many people that's happened to so overall maybe they work fine,but there were some other posts about different problems & friday someone was saying the same thing about Opana,it might have just been what z said so who knows. People who abuse those are always trying some way to beat the tamper resistant additives. I read where people are putting them in the oven I guess to try and "dry" out the polymer?

subzero58 6 Apr 2012

Hi,have heard the same thing.and let me say im happy to hear this has been maybepeople who really need pain meds can have a normal these pharma companies need to soften their prices. free discount card

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