So i went to the doctors on monday (10-20-14), she put me o Nuvaring because my body has had issues with other Birth contols. I have had period issues such as heavy bleeding non stop for months. well now my periods are regular same days once a month. my last period was 10-14-14 stopped 10-18-14. when i got the nuvaring i had to go to work after so the box was in my car for like 6 hours, once i got home i placed it in the Frigerator. ( 1st question does that make the nuvaring go bad?) then i placed the nuvaring in the Next day/night 10-21-14 as my doctor instructed me. i was told it takes affect right away. so my boyfriend and i had unprotected sex. as we always do we dont care if were pregnant we'd be happy, but rather wait a few more years... so i got on the nuvaring. well he came inside me 10-22-14 the next day i had a little white spot on my panties but that was it, i know for a fact he ejaculates more then thant, Yesterday i found out your not suposto have unprotective sex untill after a week. (2nd question could i get pregnant?).

My conserns are,
1.Should i take the nuvaring out , incase i get pregnant , i do not want it to affect my pregnancy if i become pregnant.
2. Ive been having bad side affects like :
+weak body,headaches, pain in my hips back and thighs, and stomach pains, feel sick to my tummy.
= are these nuvaring side affects normal?
3. My doctor was horrible i dont want to go back i was in there for 5 min and she talked didnt let me and i felt like i got kicked out.

what to do? help ?