What can I do? This past week I switched from .050mcg levothyroxine to 1 1/2 gr of NT (16.25 gr per pill). I chewed each dose. Dr recommended 1 1/2 gr per day so that is what I started on x2 days but felt wired so began to reduce dose. 3rd day I took 1 pill. Still too much as my heart was racing. 4th day I took 1 pill but split it up; 1/2 in the early morning, 1/2 afternoon. Still too much! 5 Th day I took 1/2 in the afternoon immediately started with the racey heart, dizziness... feeling in a constant state of low blood sugar (I do NOT have diabetes). Today I will split 1/2 of a pill into two doses and I'm not going to chew them. See how this goes...

The reason I switched was my free T3 was 2.9, low range and I was still symptomatic with .050 mcg levothyroxine. That dose had recently been adjusted up from .025 mcg 7 weeks ago when I suffered a major thyroid crash and burn... disabled with zero energy, unable to walk around the block, think, or be awake. I showed some improvement on the higher dose of levothyroxine, but the fatigue and brain fog lingered. Inability to exercise without severe fatigue following, tired, serious brain fog, weak muscles despite light weight lifting (I used to be active and strong but am reduced to a light exercise or weight IF I can tolerate it).

I also just began taking B12 1000mcg/d because that was low (453). So I started B12 and NT around the same time. I had a borderline selenium deficiency and began supplementing that >4? mos ago. Selenium converts T4-->T3 but my T3 was low so that's why we switched to NT.
Ugh! I went from fatigued with brain fog to jittery and a little less foggy. I was so hopeful that NT would solve my hypothyroid symptoms but it's not,
I'm so sad :-( and frustrated. This hypothyroid issues has brought me down physically and mentally, very disabling. I'm 51 feeling like 101.
I practice good self cares (or I try because I have no energy... now I have jittery madness energy), I eat well, I sleep (too much). I'm at a loss.
Would love some great wisdom from others.