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New to Mirapex. Is it necessary to take the dose a few hours before bedtime?

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coloresue 1 Jun 2015

I always had to take mine 2 hours before bedtime. You may be different, though. You'll find out by trying different timings. Benadryl is a RLS aggravator and to be avoided.

StephO 19 Jul 2015

No, you can experiment with time frames. I take mine about an hour to 45 minutes before im going to bed. But it is very important to not take it at any time during the day. It makes me not quite myself mentally and very drowsy. Its just a drug thats designed for bedtime to help RLS as u sleep. How long prior to bed depends on the person as well as how much food u have in your belly at the time,etc.. i would suggest u just experiment with what time frame works best for you. Just dont take it so early that theirs any chance that u may need to drive, make important decisions, or anything like that. free discount card

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