I've been on Metformin for about a month now. I was warned of the symptoms, that I would experience for the first two weeks. So I prepared myself mentally and emotionally. Well I experienced the usual stomach cramps, loose bowles, nausea, shakes at night, and the total reduction of what used to be, a very vigorous appetite. These things were expected, but what I found extremely disconcerting, was after the first week, I got hit with a strange and unatural feeling of extreme elation, for no reason at all. I thought to myself Wow! That was strange, but then by the second week, I was suddenly hit with the total oposit, of the elated feeling. Now this was really upsetting. I mean it came out of nowhere, and hit me like a reckingball. It lasted for about 30 to 40 minutes, and disappeared just as suddenly as it had came. It left me in shock and a little afraid. But I stuck to my resolve, whjch was to give this medication a chance to work. It's been a little over a month now. The episodes of these depressive feelings, have no root or cause I can think of, but will now hit me about 6 hours after taking this medication, plus I also started experiencing very sharp pains, in the soles of my feet, again with no reason and it seems to happen during the strange feeling of unexplained depression. I am hoping this will pass, but if it doesn't, I will have no choice, but to get off this ride... I did live with my diabetes for 10 years, and no meds, but I started getting careless with the food I ate, and hence, I thought I would try "the fix" Metformin.. but I'm beginning to question was this worth it? I think if this doesn't work for me, I'm just gonna get severely serious with my diet and go all natural.
P.S. Any good advice would be greatly appreciated.

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