I am thrilled to find this site... I am overwhelmed and depressed! I have had a spinal fusion and had the scar tissue scraped out, so the doctor thinks I can do without the methadone. I would like to be free of narcotics, but this is taking more endurance than I possess.

Now in addition to nerve pain, I'm having a terrible time with withdrawal. I can't sleep, work, or think! The doctor says its impossible to still feel withdrawal after 2 months on this dosage--giving me ringing in the ears and headaches,,, but I know it is true. My blood pressure jumps up and down all day long. (up to 210/116... no kidding!) How can I approach my doctor to do this in a more humane way? I feel like such a failure because I just can't do this on my own. Last night I decided to take the increase on my own because I just couldn't stand it any more. Now I feel like the biggest failure on the planet!

In the past 3 months I have cut from 160 mg per day to 80 and I feel terrible all of the time! Now I must beg to go back up again and make a slower cutback. A pain specialist told me to go to switch to a Fentanyl patch for 2 months first, then detox from that. Are there severe withdrawals when changing between the methadone and fentanyl? I am worried that I can't work--I'm a single mom with 2 kids in college! Thanks for any and all advice.