My younger brother (20 years old) is addicted to prescription pain killers--both opiates and sedatives I believe. A year ago our family found out he had been abusing these drugs for many years as well as many others after dropping out of school (college) and stealing close to 10k from my parents, close family, and me due to his drug addiction. He has been in and out of rehab 4 times now in the past year and for 5k a pop for each rehab is financially taxing on my parents. We have relocated him to a city and into a halfway house away from the area where he began using. He is on his own but my parents provide financial support for his recovery and rehab. This has worried our entire family but it has taken a SEVERE toll on my parents.
I fear my brother will be homeless the streets very soon as my parents are cutting him off for good. He constantly receives moral support from family and concerned individuals. He has a solid support group but the stealing, lying, and secrets are taking their toll on family members and friends.
He knows the pain and the harm it causes the people who love him as well as the harm he does to himself, yet it seems to not make a difference. My brother will surely die if continues on the same path --Ive seen it happen...
Does anyone have any insight from a similar experience? Is there something our support group can do to help? Is there anything besides constant support and rehab that can help?