... 1/2 years. I recently had an MRI that showed two bulging discs which I thought to be the cause of my current in a series of problems over the years. After no help from my PCP, and getting the run around from the 'really great' pain specialist she referred me to that (after a month of trying to get in decided he wasn't taking new patients) I finally found a neurologist. He was extremely busy but worked me in and after a very short visit determined I had Fibromyalgia. At the time of my visit I had just taken my last pain pill and was in quite a bit of pain. In fact my mom had to drive me to the dr as shifting my foot from gas to break caused severe pain, plus sitting, standing sleeping..you get the idea. He said he was 90% sure of his diagnosis but wanted to do testing to be 100%. My next appt would be 3 weeks out. I asked about what to do for the pain in the interim and he stated he never prescribes pain medicine on a first visit. ??? Due to my job which entails a lot of driving I asked what/how I could possibly work, besides not having the ability NOT to work. Coupled with this was the obvious fear of withdrawal and subsequent pain sure to increase as the day worn on. (I am sorry for the long pot, please bear with me as I a new at this and very anxious, scared, and just need to talk and get feedback from ppl who understand) he was adamant about no pain mess but referred me to a dr that could get me off of the vicodin and help with any withdrawals. My soonest appt would be the end of the following week. Well I am no math major but one week was not going to help with what was going to be happening to me in just a few hours. I got my appt and then was able to get some pills (from a friend) that could get me to the date of appt. Today was my appt. I am now on 2 strips 2x day of Suboxone . It is 3am, I am not tired, I have had to take a third strip plus four .5 clonazapram spread out thru the day. Besides my increased anxiety I am extremely fearful of my withdrawal, coupled with the pain I may/will have in my back because of a dr that does not want to use any mess to help with it. I should mention that he did start me on amatriptyline, increasing over the next three wks till my next appt. Is there anyone that is willing to help share any words or suggestions for me? I DO want to be off the vicodin, but the fear of the withdrawals is extreme as is the fear of the pain /flair ups that I know are in my future. As I have read in these threads the withdrawals can show up a day or so AFTER starting the Suboxone and I am just flat scared. I went thru fenel patch withdrawals several years ago after trying to avoid back surgery and I wanted to die, and really thought I was going to. Please, I am so sorry for such the lengthy post but what can I expect? Is it going to get worse before getting better? As I said, I took a third strip already because of my fears and here it is 3:25 in the morning and my mind/head/body is not anywhere near asleep. Thank you for taking the time to read. Any advise is greatly appreciated. I feel as if the rest of the world is asleep and I sit here in such a silly (and yet real to me) state of fear!