Hi, I went to my primary doctor for a physical 2 weeks ago. A few days later he called me and said, your lab results were great except your Testosterone was 96. He had me make a appointment last Thursday and gave me a script for Testosterone injectable or cream. 400mg/2ML, every 2 weeks. I decided on the injection since it was $10 every 2 weeks, compared to cream that if I can find a compounding pharmacy would cost around $100+ a month. He really didn't explain much, just that my level was 96 and very low. I looked up typical low T symptoms and only ones I had were, headaches, hard to lose weight, tired, lack of motivation. I am 49, been at same job since 1992 working graveyards, so I attributed all those symptoms to working graveyard shift. I gave myself the injection in upper thigh 2ML, injected with #22 needle, was thick, but I took my time(first time I ever gave self a shot). So now wondering what to expect, been 5 days, I haven't noticed much, maybe a overall better mindset and caffeine seems to work better now. Not sure if I like injections, but heard it works faster and will at least do injections for 6+ months and then decide if cream is better to maintain levels. Is 200mg/ML x 2 enough every 2 weeks with a 96 level, Dr never stated what type it was, he just said he personally never seen it that low. My mother has been on low T gel for years, but very low dose.