... when I was pregnant and then went back on. Went off of it again with second pregnancy and had a miscarriage and had to go right back on it do to extreme anxiety/panicked attacks due to the drop in hormones. The Lexapro helped a lot until may of 2016 when I took a new job and Started having flu like symptoms but then my anxiety sky rocketed again.I upped my dose from 20mg to 25mg but I just got worse ( extra anxiety jitters) so I went back down to 20mg and felt a little better then the end of October came and I started having stomach/ flu like symptoms again then my anxiety went crazy again so I lowered my dose to 15mg went to see a councilor who thinks the Lexapro isn't working for me maybe because if all my hormone changes. After 11 days I decided to lower it again to 10mg. I have been going through withdrawals waking up with anxiety, heart palpitations, hot flashes and it would last til mid afternoon then get better and by evening I would start to feel normal. However This is week 6 on 10mg and am waking up with anxiety,heart palpitations and hot flashes again and the anxiety is lasting through the day I am really scared and don't know what is going on. I did not go on Lexapro for anxiety but depression. My psych dr is NOT helpful and I can't get in to a new one until February the 24th! What is going on will this even out again or get worse I am so scared!!! I have to keep working and be there for my daughter and husband but I am just at a loss!