I have been on Suboxone now for just over a month and seeing that most people are initially prescribed such a smaller amount than I was I'm a little horrified that my dr. started me at 32mg's a day. Before the Subs I had become addicted to percosets for about a year, taking up to 80 mgs/ day. Is that considered alot ? Enough for him to start me on such a high dosage ? I have also had awful side effects that started about 2 weeks after I started. I gained about 14 lbs w/in 2 days I was so swollen, I was scared to death. Dr. said that is a rare side effect of subs, but it does happen; he gave me some dieuretics, but they don't help. I am nauseated daily, have crazy sugar cravings, and I'm wondering if I'm having all of these problems and side effects because of this crazy high dosage he has me on?