Addiction has been sadly in my life for 15 years now.I don't want 2 bore any1 I'm new here.started with alcohol(that was a huge one)then percocet then soma now fioricet.I'm 35 and living with my mom because I'm seperated from my husband due 2 my many addictions.the fioricet started when I was having some major dental work started with just 1 of course n then rapidly increased.My dr just put me on a tapering program.I have 2 take 4 a day for a week.then 3 a day for a week then 2 a day for a week then 1 a day for a week. Then that's it.I have always had bad anxiety.and when I was taking the fioricet it made me feel high for abou a hour and then just totally relaxed normal and also energetic and happy.I had been hiding the fioricet from my mom( I feel like a child)and recently she found it.I'm a mess.she told me I had 2 get off it or she would kick me out and have nothing 2 do with me.right now its my 1st week tapering I'm terrified that I won't feel normal again without it or that I will have horrible withdrawal my dr said he's is tapering me slowly that way I don't have any withdrawal at all.I feel so alone.has any 1 here been throught this or anything similiar?Does any1 know if this is a good tapering plan?I have gone to 12 step programs before and I obvoiously have not succeeded.I know a lot of ppl find them helpfull I guess they don't work 4 everyone.I'm happy I found this site.I hope I can meet ppl here that can understand what I'm going through.I can't get the scared bad depressed thoughts out of my head.I'm open to any advice and suggestions.I'm also open 2 meeting new ppl here.thanks for listening and please reply to this post.