... Usually, it isn't long lasting but I've noticed some changes in my sleep recently I attribute in part to a retirement (about eight months ago) from an IT job I've had for a long time and entering my 60s. It's been a bit unsettling. When I first experienced insomnia as a younger man it was an inability to fall asleep. Now I wake up on occasional nights and can't get back to sleep for several hours. I've been off and on Lexapro for GAD since 2008 (currently off). Question: what do you find are the most effective sleep aids? I've used Ambien that does the trick but I don't like taking it for longish periods of time. I've used Xanax but am concerned about dependency issues, and it's not always that effective. Rozerem or melatonin receptor meds in general I find do not work at all for me. I'd prefer not to go back on Lexapro for a number of different reasons but address this insomnia issue on its own. Thanks