Anyway, I am 36 years old, was diagnosed 5 years ago after a traumatic spinal surgery where I coded and nearly lost my life. This surgery has been repeated two more times. I know that 75% of fibromites are female with a neck injury. I am on the highest dosage of meds that I can be. We have played around with meds for 5 years. Currently I am on 3 16 mg exalgo 3 x a day, 100 mg fentaly and take a total of 15 8 mg dilaudud daily, plus soma and xanax and valium. Now I am being prescribed the new fentora spray that goes under you tongue for breakthrough pain. First, I am itolerant to all fibro meds such as cymbalta (landed me in the ER 5 days in), Lyrica (causeed muscle contractions and blurred vision) and suvella made me want to crawl out of my skin. Nucynta was to worst drug I ever took, I hallucinated, nodded off at work on and on the freeway, go tachycardic and would lose my balance. Sorry for the long post. Is anyone else on this level of medication and has anyone else tried fentora, latest type being the mouth spray? Lastly, I suffer severe constipation as you can imagine. Work with both a GI doc and two pain docs (who want me on resistor). Does anyone have experience with resistor? What works well for severe constipation. All replies and shared expereinces will help as I am desperate to get my life back and live like a 36 year old. Thank you!