I have been on pain medications for about 15 years. I have advanced degenerative disc disease, have had 12 surgeries on my back and spondilosis of the spine... I have just about tried every thing in the market today and need help finding somethin that will ease the pain so I can function in everyday situations without any side affects that make me terribly sick. I had gone through Lortabs, percocet, vicodin, then morphine (was allergic to it) and finally put on opana er & ir 40mg 10 mg. It worked so good for the last 10 years that I could function with a normal life and not suffer from terrible pain all day and night. Well then in january endo pharma decided to change the formula and they are not even a tenth the strength that they used to be. Its a BIG WASTE of my money. Thanks ENDO for taking out your frustrations on those who ACTUALLY needed it for the damn drug heads that were abusing it. Now I have to find something different and so far I have tried dilauded, oxycontin and even suboxone and now I suffer daily so bad from the pain that I can hardly get out of bed, not to mention all the side effects like nausea, vomiting, and severe headaches that go along with it. I just want to know if any other people have found something that I could possibly try???