with cash are being targeted by this new Bill. Isn't this patient profiling? I have to buy my pain meds with cash. So if I lived in Florida I could only get a 3 day supply of medication? Has anyone heard of this new law and can you please clarify what this means. This is an excerpt from an article I read

''Tallahassee, Florida - A new Florida law cracking down on 'pill mills' that dispense powerful prescription painkillers is being challenged in federal court.
A company operating pain clinics in South and central Florida, two doctors and a patient sued the state this week in Tallahassee.
They want a federal judge to block the law before it goes into effect Oct. 1.
The suit alleges the law is discriminatory because it bars patients from getting more than a three-day supply of drugs if they don't have insurance and violates free speech rights by limiting clinic advertising.
Another claim is that various provisions are unconstitutionally vague.
A Department of Health spokeswoman had no immediate comment Friday"

How could this be constitutional? Isn't this a form of patient profiling?

Any additional information would be appreciated.