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How did a new doctor I visited know all the medications that other doctors had prescribed me?

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kaismama 9 Feb 2013

If its narcotics you may live in a state that keeps a running record of what you are taking. (big brother is watching you) Also, you last dr may have sent your records. There is also the possibility that you were in a hospital and he has access to records at that hospital.

meyati 10 Feb 2013

Some health groups, HMOs, insurance- what ever have electronic records of all meds-even my vitamin supplements are listed.

endlessPred 10 Feb 2013

As Meyati says, electronic records have this. When I go to the hospital via ambulance, all parties know. The EMS guys know, the hospital knows, the ER knows and has a private sequestered room for me waiting because of my immunosuppression, the doc is notified, etc. the pharmacy I use has all my allergies. Totally locked in everywhere.

If you were referred, the records are sent there. If you remain in the same health system, same thing.

The only problem I ever had was during paper records. Some clerk mixed my records with someone else with the same name. Simply doesn't happen with the electronic system. free discount card

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