to half a pill (7.5 mg) a night and put me back on zoloft (50 mg)... she also put me on anti-anxiety meds... Clonazepam... ativan was not working for me anymore. With my insomnia I got to say I have slept really good the last 3 days. I have never started zoloft with a high mg before. They are trying to wean me off the remeron (which I have been on for a month now) It was not working and made me gain 10 pounds. I been off ambien for 2 weeks now... (I was taking restoral before that and it was not working) she wants me to get a sleep study done. She says she wants to fix the depression first and then the insomnia. I seem to be always switching back and forth on medication. Well if i am up the whole night I start getting anxiety at 4am and if I get no sleep the next day I am tired and get depressed.