I am seeing a new doctor next week because I have arthritis in my neck and it's been hurting really bad and I am afraid she will prescribe me a low dosage of Flexeril or something similar. A friend of mine gets that from his doctor and he gave me some to try and just one helped at first but now I have to take 2 and they barely help. I don't want her to think I'm trying to get a stronger muscle relaxer to get high or something because I would actually prefer a drug that won't get me high, which I am going to tell her that but I just don't want to make a bad first impression but I also don't want her to prescribe me something I already know won't work. Also, I'm afraid she might not like that I took a prescription that wasn't mine. So should I tell her I've already tried Flexeril and they don't work or should I just keep that to myself and take whatever she gives me? Also, if anyone has arthritis in their neck I would love to know what you are prescribed and how well it works for you. Thanks.