I know on the description and based off other people's reviews that it is typical for the skin to have a tingly, almost burning sensation when first using Differin. I just started using this about 3 days ago, once a night before bed. However, since I've started applying it, I haven't felt any type of sensation from the gel at all? Should I be worried about that, or is this even possibly a good thing?
Note: I'm a 17 year old girl and my skin used to be fairly clear until now (besides from the occasional zit due to puberty). My acne is cystic, sometimes whiteheads and my cheeks are very bumpy and inflamed/red. Before, my cheeks, nose, and forehead were typically oily, but lately (even before using Differin) it has become considerably drier (not super dry, but at the end of the day it's now typical for flaky patches o my foundation peeling off over some of my acne). I've tried everything (Proactiv, baking soda, neutrogena face wash, cetaphil facewash + moisturizer, and currently Sandra Lee Dermatology 3 Step Kit), but nothing is working at all. I've noticed that my skin has grown considerably resistant to salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, which I know are the 2 main parts that help get rid of and prevent acne. I'm growing desperate and I feel more isolated from my friends and family because I'm ashamed of my face and its uneven skin tone. I'm also about to see my first dermatologist soon, but the appointment is about a month away. Please help!