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Hi Im new here but I have chronic pancreatitis and would like too talk too people with my condition?

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Liz362 17 Oct 2013

I also have been diagnosed with pancreatitis. I am taking creon and on low fat and sugar. Would like to know more about foods to eliminate. I have pressure in upper stomach. No excruciating pain. Sometimes constant ache. Heat pad helps a great deal.

vicky8 18 Oct 2013

Hi I've had some cysts removed recently and that seems too have stopped the pain . I just wonder why I'm not on any medication not that I need any but listening too others they seem too need it. I haven't had any pain or flare ups since March touch wood.

smithm 13 Jan 2014

I to have Chronic Pancreatitis! I have had feeding tubes and recently have had a pain pump implant. I can't tell you what a difference this device has made. I was on a lot of oral medications (8mgs of Diloudid, Hydrocodone, & Zanex for anxiety) I was so tired of Emergency rooms! If I can help I'd be glad to talk to you.

wschooley19 27 Sep 2014

HELLO! I would love to talk to someone that's going through what I have been. I am stuck, I take Creon 24,000 for enzymes. but I have had a lot of trouble addressing the chronic and severe pain I face 24/7. I take only Tylenol and it obviously does nothing. so I want to know how to address this with my doctors? what have you found useful? Hope you get this and we can talk! -Will

vicky8 27 Sep 2014

Hi will r u on facebook we could talk there in private messages . I have been wanting too find someone too talk too about this disease since being diagnoised 2years ago. Ivwasvtaking creon but the doctor took me off it . Now i am not on any medication. I have contant blood tests and faeces tests. Would love to make a friend who understands this horrible disease free discount card

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