I've had terrible pain in my left arm and hand since 2nd 20008 surgery, and have been looking for help since. Things have gotten worse, and i don't know if it's new oxycontin not covering the pain, but arm and hand weakness and hand turning ice cold has also gotten worse,and I just got print out of MRI which states basically C-7 pinched nerve, along with degenerative disks. Would this be enough to now have a strange stiffness going up my neck under my skull, and the pain/weakness and ice cold left hand, left arm aches. I even went to the heart dr. fearful i have clogged stent. my chest has had pressure pain but Dr.felt it could be neck. I feel horrible all the time, something is wrong. If anyone could give me feed back on this finding,what kind of effects would i be getting, I would so appreciate it. c-2 and c-3 have uncinate hypertropy present, c4 & 5 have wide based paracentral protrusion and disk osteophyte complex narrowing the right neural foramen and lateral recess, what ever the heck that means. I pray this is my miracle for help. Could this also cause the extreme low back/facet joint area pain? When I stretch my neck really good I feel it pulling my spine all the way down to my tail bone. but that may be normal, i don't know. I want off pain med, and I want off this crappy new formula of oxycontin, there is something wrong with that drug, something bad. thank you to all of you ... God Bless you all.