After being on Atenolol for almost 4 years, my body starting becoming allergic. I got a rash in early December and am still dealing with the last of it. Was not really a fan of the Atenolol but it did a good job of keeping my pulse rate down and the bp, although I still had some high readings at times. I did gain 20 lbs on it. Ugh. ;(
So my new Internist weans me off the Atenolol and starts me on Bystolic.
Today is Day 4. Not too sure yet about it. Bp is great as is pulse. But, I started this drug and I am waiting for a side affect. I feel a very occasional cough but that might be because of environmental. Not sure.
Has anybody taken it and what did you think? How long did it take to either get a reaction or realize it was working?
Thank you! :)