I was diagnosed bipolar recently after a visit to a psych ward for about a week. SSRI/SNRI meds tend to give me this agitated euphoric feeling, but not full blown mania. If anything my mood is depressed/anxious and agitated while not on meds.. I was put on cymbalta and that felt like it was working but gave me heart palpitations and more anxiety which landed me in the ER. Off of that now and now trying to get off risperdone cause its not helping things either.

I don't even know if i believe this bipolar diagnosis. Lamictal did nothing even at 300mg's a day. Does anyone think that this type of issues would require a good mood stabilizer and a SSRI to actually start feel better? I have a doctors appt in about a month and im hating how long of a wait its gonna be.

Is it possible that someone could just have hypomanic symptoms while on a SSRI and not be bipolar?