... dark hole, but I only learned about Opana ER/IR today & have been trying to catch up by reading all of your Q&A's (that really do help), but info reagarding Opana seemed to stop around fall 2012... is it still available? If so, are they even worth trying? I have a degenerative joint disorder (I always feel stupid bcuz I can't ever remember the proper name but I am epileptic & during a gm seizure, I fell, hit my head... end result a TBI which messed my brain up so much that I had to go on disability) Anyway, all of my joints give me trouble & a lot of pain... most of my unbearable pain comes from either my hips (I was born with congenital hip sockets) & my jaw... I've had surgery to totally reshape my jaw bone... I had to surgically have all of my teeth pulled bcuz they were deteriorating from the inside out, then they put in dentures... & of course that creates a huge chain reaction from my head down through out my shoulders & whole back. Anyway, that's why I'm under a pain management... I currently take oxycodone 15mg 6xdaily... I'm starting to get where it's not doing the job, my doctor prescribed oxycotin but there isn't a generic so I'm not covered... I was hoping someone could give me some insight on this for my Dr's appt next week... Thank you for tolerating me I have a hard time putting my thoughts into organized text... Hope this makes some sense:-/ Thanx A Lot!!!