Hello, I am new to this group.

I have been taking Lexapro (the generic Esitalo) 20mg for 3 months now, and I am still so very tired all of the time! I am also constantly nauseous, like the feeling you get when you have been in a car for too long? It might not make sense, but my head feels kind of whooshy? i can feel kind of like a pulsing/whooshing sensation in my ears, especially when I lay down. My eyes are continually going fuzzy, I have a lot of trouble concentrating, and even my speech and spelling which is usually good, is being affected. It's also near impossible for me to get to sleep! My head just seems so... busy.

I am on Lexapro for depression and anxiety, however my anxiety seems to have gotten worse, which Im told is possible at the beginning, but should it have settled by now?

I cannot afford to feel tired and nauseous all day as I am a mother of 3, my doctor has prescribed me Maxolon for the nausea, but it too makes me sleepy. Doctor says basically just to push through it, but she also says that it's likely some of my symptoms are from the anxiety itself (i.e the nausea) or the tiredness that comes from the sleep deprivation.

Any advice, or similar experiences?? Thank you.