Hello all. I'm not sure if this question has been asked, apologies if so...
I have just started Lexapro 10 mg Thursday morning (my bedtime because I work days) for anxiety and panic attacks.
This is my first antianxiety prescription and only prescription in general besides my migraine meds.
I'm having some stereotypical side effects (a little bit of insomnia, nausea, a little headache, and some sweating).
My first dose went as expected. Didn't notice any changes and so forth. My second dose, however, I was surprised. I felt great! It felt like any worry or negative thought was just blocked from my mind. I actually woke up without my neck/shoulders aching from tightened muscles and no heavy feeling in my chest from anxiety. I was happy and carefree. It was very euphoric to not be anxious, and it has been a VERY long time my friends.
The third dose, more of the same thing, but it had worn off a noticeable amount.
Today, fourth dose, completely worn off. I'm back to freaking out over every ridiculous thing. The usual racing thoughts of facing the world and unrealistic worries, and the heaviness in my chest has returned. I'm back to square one, being anxious and stressed for no reason.
Has anyone experienced this when first taking antianxiety medications? I know it takes a few weeks to build up in your system, which is why I was taken back by my second dose. Will I have that feeling that I had after the second dose, constantly, if it does kick in? I don't think it was a "high" feeling, but I wouldn't know. I didn't feel doped up or fuzzy.
Any comments would be great. Thanks!