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Any new anti-depressants on the market, ssri without the side effect of weight gain prefer opposit?

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Inactive 31 May 2013

Hello james o brie Most all of the SSRI family of drugs carry an increase in weight as a normal/common side effect. However if administered in conjunction with another anti-depressant, as an aid, acting as a stimulant to counter the nullify/negate this side effect possibly will help. Regards pledge

4N Substances 16 Aug 2013

I might suggest talking to your Dr about Viibryd. The statistics are relatively silent about weight gain loss. I have personally lost weight on it, as have others I know. There are other start-up side effects to consider.
Good Luck.
4N Substances

RonMan 16 Aug 2013

There is a new drug, but there is VERY little known about it. Here is the announcement on this site:

I have done no research and know nothing about it at this time. If you can ask your psychiatrist about it, but he may not know, it is that new.

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