I just started my medication today 12/16/2015 for my ADHD. I didn't noticed any difference at all. I am starting on 10mg, 2x a day. All my life struggling to find out what was wrong with me. Afraid to be discriminated and branded as crazy. I've been on anti-depressants, anxiety meds and nothing. Lack of concentration, big time. My head feels like the matrix. All mixed up, I can't focus, I start one task and walk away unfinished to start another. Forgetful, can't retain things I read. I feel dumb, mood swings . I've become a wreck. My life is very disorganized. Always the last one in places. Procrastinator. God, I feel helpless and lost. Can't finish anything I start. I've read positive and negative things about this meds. I have my doubts when taking genetic meds. I have no faith in them but it's so expensive (Brand) that I can't afford it. Please share with me if you find yourself with questions about genetics meds and if they do work. How long does it takes to start noticing any changes and if I should ask my doctor to try something else. How long should I try it before I give up? I need my life straighten or I will lose my marriage. I am 40 years old/female. Please help. Desperate seeking happiness and myself. Thanks for your time and help. P.s how long should I wait before contacting my doctor with questions? Also, I've realized that it wasn't really depression I've been struggling all my life, plain and simple!!! ADHD