I was prescribed Adderall xr 10mg taken twice daily. I'm less than a week into it. The doctor did explain the effects, but now that I'm experiencing them first-hand, I'm curious what to expect as a new user and over time, and when it should "kick in" doing what it's suppose to do (as far as ADHD).

I am definitively ADHD and finally sought treatment to deal with it. I did a lot of research and had a lot of questions answered by the doctor prior to taking the medication. Now that I'm on it, I want to know what first day/week effects are typical.

I can already see some positive benefits as far as focus and staying involved with projects at work. The doctor (psychiatrist) said not to expect "much" for the first week. I also have experienced a "calming effect" when approaching certain situations. I think it's working.

My questions are: to what extent has Adderall improved patient's lives/quality of life as far as ADHD symptoms; and, has anyone blogged (or care to share here) their "from day one" experience? I can't find anything exactly on point through search.

Thank you for answers, and peace.