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Never had soma before gonna take the 30 I have in hand. What could I expect apart from nausea?

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Inactive 8 Apr 2011

If you take 30 Somas you will be dead, don't do it.

Inactive 9 Apr 2011

Very well put.-

Inactive 9 Apr 2011

Thank you DH, I thought it concise and to the point!! Did you play the song for S yet???

Inactive 9 Apr 2011

My dear TH,

Not yet but will do.-

Your pal HD.-

Cathleen186 8 Apr 2011

I take 250mg 2x daily. If I take more I feel drunk and have forgetfulness the next day. Very disturbing so I don't take more than prescribed. Hope that helps. Cathleen186

madhattersbash 10 Apr 2011

I've taken Soma since 2005 and think it is a wonderful drug for pain. I only take one a night and have never had to increase the dose in order to get the full effect. If I am having an especially horrible day, pain-wise, I will cut one in half and take it in the late afternoon (if I am staying home and don't have to drive anywhere), then the whole one at night. I was told that it is not addictive, unless you have an addictive personality. The very few times that I had to take two in one day, it made me very woozy. I'm sure you could build up to that dose and then tolerate it, but I really don't want to get into that position. Good Luck to you. free discount card

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