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Have been off of neutrino for 6 mos how long do side effect last?

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kaismama 15 Oct 2012

Are you spelling it correctly? There seems to be no such medication according to the internet. Perhaps a generic name would help.

Inactive 15 Oct 2012

Hey Km, I bet it is Neurontin, and you do have some info on that, I don't. Can you give them some info in case it is Neurontin. Patti

kaismama 15 Oct 2012

I thought about neurontin, but it was so different that it stopped me, lol... If it is that, its an anti convulsant. You should not have any effects from it if you were stopped correctly. You should not have any side effects by a day after taking it, the half life is 5-7 hrs. If you stopped it abruptly you will have withdrawal. The biggest risk to that is seizures.

Nursehurtatwork 17 Oct 2012

Yes it's Neurtion and no I wasn't stop correctly , it's caused stroke like symptoms : memory short term loss, labs are crazy but prior to stoping the medication my lab work was always good now on Lipitor blood sugar runs high right eye vision blurry and depression and sleep pattern is up all night for 12 m until 2p or 5pm. Will this ever stop all of this. Told the dr and the he took me from 2400 to.1800mg then less then 1 month to the er for stroke like behavior. free discount card

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