I was have been dealing with neurpothy in all 4 limbs, arthritis, pyhbromialgia&a few other illnesses i believe have stemmed from the neurpothy. those of you that have this condtionn no how painful it is. I did have a Dr who kept me comfortable but never completely pain .I don't expect i ever will be. i was on oxycodone 30mg as needed, oxycotin 40 3 times a day which changed to opana40 about 9 months ago. now i no longer have this Dr. he's gone and i was forced to go to a pain clinic where they 1st put me on fentinal100mg patch without care that i had withdraw from the high dose i was on previous to that. next month they changed it to opana40 2 times a day. after i couldn't bare that pain they finally added an opana10mg. this is not working for me at all. i wake up in with draw add much add i try and Try to deal with the pain & take the pills as far apart as i can tolerate. i have no life at all anymore because i can't function like a normal person or my normal, which is better then this. the clinic wants to keep focusing on my back as much they have proved nothing Is wrong with my back its all the neurpothy they still keep trying. it sends that's all they no. so i guess what i an asking is does anyone out there no of any kind of help i can get to deal with my pain or recommend something better then a pain clinic? my new pcp had offered to out me in suboxin but what i read about it Is horrible do i an afraid of that. please help anyone i would be very greatful for All and Any suggestions at this point. I have been stuggleing for months like this and just have had enough. I don't no how much more pain i can take on a daily basis without help and i have gotten nowhere taking to this Dr i now am stuck with unless i find an alternative solution or a new Dr. I am in search of both. It seems they don't listen nor care.