I have been dealing 24/7 with some kind of neuropathy in my feet and legs (pins and needles, etc.) for 2 months,although I was originally diagnosed with "restless leg syndrome" (very mild discomfort only at night) without any real evaluation 2 years ago. It is now moving into my hands and arms. Have had veins and arteries checked and other evaluations (MRI for possible nerve issue in neck) with no real causal decision.
At same time, both 2 years ago and recently, have had blood pressure surges with no reason (no activity or anxiety to account for it). Just preceding these problems increasing in intensity, I had a few weeks of involuntary muscle tension which I could not stop, except to take deep breaths when I was aware I was tensing up.
I have been on several medicines for asthma and tachycardia for 8 to 10 years which my online research says are "anticholinergic" drugs. Also have taken Nexium at least 5 years.
Friends suggested I take magnesium for muscle tension, and it definitely helped, as well as improving my breathing soon after taking it!
With so many causes of neuropathy possible, does anyone with a medical background have any suggestions for my symptoms?. I was put on pramipexole to see if it would alleviate my foot/leg problems with no improvement (I have stopped taking it due to bad headaches and daily "hangover" feelings.)
My doctors including neurologist are not very informative and did not even seem aware that long term use of anti-cholinergic meds can cause neuropathy. Please help... this is greatly affecting my quality of life, and I greatly fear that numbness and worsening of leg problems may incapacitate me before I get any real answers and possible treatment. Thanks!