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Neurontin - not sure how its making me feel, dont want to effect my sex drive & thought processes?

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yearsofit 22 Apr 2013

I had been on neurontin/gabapentin from 300mg-3600mg over many years. I am a computer programmer. After my health problem started, and I started taking neurontin/gabapentin, my mental flow chart ability went from 25 steps to only being able to keep a few steps in my head. I wouldn't have been able to work at all without neurontin/gabapentin, so it wasn't really a choice. I just needed to adjust how I did things, and was able to improve efficiency. Options to neurontin/gabapentin would not have let me do my kind of work at all. I can't say it was neurontin/gabapentin or supplemental meds or my health problem, but I wasn't able to do those occasional 20 hour straight projects anymore. I have been off neurontin/gabapentin for several months. I have been able to work progressively longer periods and feel my mental faculties have improved greatly, although my wife might disagree. As with many drugs, one might benefit, the next may not. One person might get side effects, another none. Often with the nerve related prescribing of neurontin/gabapentin, docs will often prescribe a SSRI. A SSRI can greatly affect sex drive for some people. free discount card

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