Just wondering if anyone else has had success with symptoms of withdrawals using larger doses of Gabapentin/nuerontin and large doses of Imodium. It has helped me considerably and I'd like to share my experience to help others cope with wds. I do not recommend this coarse of action to everyone. You'll have to know your own dose threshold of each drug, I'm just relaying my own experience and usage. First off: a little background, I'm in my 50's strong, healthy type with a hard working past. Also, a rather large drug and alcohol past that would stagger the imagination. I've wanted to be out of my skin on a daily basis since the age of 15. My physical strength kept me going where other less strong, or crafty people would have stopped using. I was a virtual garbage can of both legal and illegal drugs. When drugs were unavailable it was booze. After a lifetime of this and plenty of jail time and sicknesses I came out of it as a straight up opiate user, abuser. Any which one I could get, from Oxy's or perc's to Vicodins. For awhile I was on suboxone, but for reasons out of my control I couldn't get anymore, and finally finished up my run on good Ole vic's, about 150mgs or more a day. Recently the money ran out, (the economy) and I found myself in cold turkey status. I had neurontin and Imodium in the med chest and decided to take them in large doses, I'd seen some other threads where the poster claimed miracles using the two. I'm in day three of serious wds and YES, the combo of the two did ease the symptom's considerably. The dose is frightening, 10-15 2mgs pills of Imodium or store brand variants, (they all have the same ingredient: Loperamide) and 1800 mgs of Neurontin. Also, a good vitamin and fish oil caps seem to help with the sluggishness. At night a OTC sleep aid, or if lucky enough a Xanax or Klonopin, My gut is rumbling but it beats the pain and depression of withdrawal sickness. I have a "slight high" that seems to be at least helpful in that I'm not so irritable and jumpy. My question is: Has anyone else tried this? Any ideas on after effects, other than constipation or cross addiction of coarse.