Almost two years ago I became very stressed and continue to be (caring for an very elderly parent) and began having episodes of ocular migraine: vision was disrupted for about 30 minutes and then resolved, (no traditional head pain), there was one incident of total blackout in one eye.

Episodes begin with a small blind spot and progress (in both eyes) usually to a C-shape that is black and contains gold zig-zags. The shape appears to be getting closer/larger and shimmers, intrudes on my field of vision and gradually dissipates and flutters off. Or it appears as a shimmering gold blob. I even gt them in the middle of the night! In my sleep!

As time progressed I tried topomax (sp?) with horrible reaction. Calan SR a blood pressure drug had no effect, botox shots in the head don't seem to help.

Episodes now sometimes piggyback: one in progress, another starts, or an episode resolves and another begins within the hour. I have had as many as five episodes in one day. There are no consistent triggers, however, many times looking in a mirror initiates an event as can the computer screen and the smart phone screen.

I also have strange itching in my upper back and across the mid section which my GP said is "notalgia" a nerve trigger where the perception of the itching is due to a spine issue--(perhaps osteoporosis?)

Feverfew and butterbur didn't help, massage therapy and acupuncture have little effect. SO, today my neurologist who I called in desperation (I have had 4 negative MRI's and other tests) prescribed NEURONTIN. I also have several vertigo episodes a month where I feel I can't converge my eyes for about 10 minutes. I made an appointment with a specialist in this field at my neurologist's recommendation.

All this is beyond disconcerting!

I have been reading here that many people found relief with this drug and others complain of side-effects. I am putting-off taking the first pill until I get some more input. Has anyone had a similar situation to mine and found relief for visual disturbance issues? I am concerned about worsened vertigo and blurred vision as well as the fatigue and word-retrieval problems. (I need words, I am a writer)

Thanks so much! Just knowing other people are out there with similar problems is a comfort.