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Is neurontin fda approved?

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butterflylynn 20 Jan 2013

Yes, Neurontin is FDA approved & has been for many years now.
Those medication has been approved for many uses. What type of medical problem are they prescribing this to you for ?
Hope it helps as it has been a great drug to help me. Kathy

robnclaw2854 27 Jan 2013

At one time this drug was removed from the shelves...

kaismama 20 Jan 2013

What an odd question. Any drug sold legally in the usa has to be FDA approved. Neurontin has been for many years.

robnclaw2854 27 Jan 2013

Not an odd question... At one time this drug was removed from the shelves. Seems as though it ws being used for illnesses it was not intended for.
There were many resrocussions due to misdiagnosis and uses for this drug.

PoisonAlice 20 Jan 2013

It has to be just to be sold as a medication in the United States. Did you happen to mean to ask if it was FDA approved for a specific condition?

robnclaw2854 27 Jan 2013

Years ago it was taken off of the shelves by the FDA and the CDC

PoisonAlice 7 Feb 2013

It's possible that there was a voluntary recall on the pills years ago, but it's still a prescription, FDA-approved medication. There are plenty of people who are prescribed gabapentin.

meyati 21 Jan 2013

Or is your insurance company or its pharmacy board giving you trouble? Yes, it's approved by the FDA, medicare and medicaid. you can ask us if it's used for a specif condition. I've used it to control pain for the suicide disease-Reflexive Sympathetic Dystrophy. It killed the pain- then I started feeling like I was floating-and fingers and toes going numb. I slowly backed off, and completely quit. I had new trauma to my damaged nerve area- like a kid running around a corner and knocking me into stone landscaping-my wound landing exactly on the sharpest place of the stones. Give us more info please.

robnclaw2854 27 Jan 2013

Upon doing more research, I find that Neurontin has been returned to the shelves... Years ago it was removed. Doctors were prescribing it for illnesses not approved by the FDA and CDC... There were many reprocussions due to non education on this drug. There were many legal suits... and I think some deaths due to misdiagnosis.. this is a powerful drug and a dangerous one if used for other symptoms other than those approved.

meyati 28 Jan 2013

They still seem to use it for everything. I had neuropathy, and my doctor offered a script for neurontin. I turned him down, as I want it for my RSD if it flares up. He sent me to a specialist that treated the whole problem, and I had PT, hamstring exercises and ice packs, and that removed the neuropathy. I will have to do this for the rest of my life, but it's a lot cheaper and better for my body. free discount card

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