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Does Neurontin contain acetaminophen?

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masso 28 May 2017

Neurontin (Gabapentin) does not have acetominophen in it.

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Fishingbabe73 18 Jul 2018

Thank you so much for the answer, I was also wondering the same thing! Have a great day

Windchimes123 28 May 2017

Hi srjr,
Masso is absolutely right and it's good to know you are watching for hidden Acetaminophen.
Remember... no more than 4 grams (1000 mg = 1 gram) per 24 hour period.
FYI... for those who want help with the math :
So if you are taking Extra Strength where each tab is 500 mg...
No more than 8 tabs per day.
4000 mg (4 grams) divided by 500 mg = 8 tabs.
It is common to take Acetaminophen with NyQuil for colds and flu.
Make sure to include NyQuil's Acetaminophen dose with the Acetaminophen pills.
Thanks for asking about this important issue.
Masso... Anything else ?

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masso 28 May 2017

No, thank you Windchimes123 , your answer is spot on.-)

chuck1957 28 May 2017

srjr44; Great for you to ask and you had 2 of our best people respond. You must be very careful because if you have say a bad liver you would want to take as little acetaminophen as possible. SO just a reminder apap wich is also Tylenol Pranodol etc the generic names for acetaminophen is a joke and never should have been allowed by the FDA as if it is not confusing enough. And this stuff is in sleeping medication cough and cold medications cough syrups and capsules. So if it's because of other health problems or an allergy. Whenever a doctor writes a prescription for you ask about the acetaminophen it is also mixed with many other prescription medications's and if you are not already doing this. free discount card

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