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Neurontin - Does anyone get SUPER HYPER from nuerontin?

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Inactive 6 Jan 2013

Hello mbackpain. Hypertension is a side effect to taking the drug. However I could only find that it effects children, from 1 to 7% taking the drug. No results for adults found. I would let your doctor know as to what is happening. Best of health to you, pledge

meyati 7 Jan 2013

Super-Hyperactive or super active Blood Pressure? My answer is no-on both accounts. and either type of hyper is dangerous-and can ruin the heart. I'm having radiation therapy-and I'm supposed to be tired-I repainted my large kitchen this week end and have been carrying boxes in, helping a grandson move in so he can help take care of me. About 20 years ago, I was given Bute for pain. After being up for 20 hours, I couldn't sit still, chopping wood, scrubbed the ways, besides the normal chores of cleaning corrals, training a young horse-we went up a mesa too steep- and she got scared, so I got off, had 10 lbs bull hide bat wings, side arm, boots, spurs, heavy jacket, knife, and I got off and drug that horse up the hill. She didn't want to go up-she would have been ruined if I had let her go back down, so I took bath to try to get sleepy, then quilted to get sleepy. Finally I went to bed tapped my foot and fell asleep. I woke up about 4 hours later-and pretty much repeated the day. It took me several days to wind down. People just react differently-

meyati 7 Jan 2013

I took a bath to get sleepy about 10-11 pm. I went to bed about 3 AM . I do miss my coffee. free discount card

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