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I take Neurontin 300mg 3X a day, for a pinched nerve in my leg,can I take more for the pain?

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Dannian 23 Mar 2013

I would not add more neurotin without asking the Dr
Perhaps you could add some advil until you can speak to the Dr on monday

bethbeddow 24 Mar 2013

Thanks - it just hurts so bad, I can't stand it. But ya I'll wait until Monday.

lady2882 24 Mar 2013

I would be very careful about taking any additional pain medication with this drug. There is always the possibility of negative interactions.
Please contact your pharmacy and they can tell you what kind and how much of addition pain medication is safe until you can speak with your doctor on Monday.
Were you taking anything for pain prior to being given the Neurontin?

butterflylynn 25 Mar 2013

I assume you are new to this drug as the 300mg is usually what Drs. Start you at.
With this drug it is Very important to start at a low dosage & then the Dr. will increase the dosage as needed. It actually takes approx.3-4 weeks to reach the correct therapeutic level.

Definitely call your Dr. & let them know that this dosage is Not helping with your pain.
But this medication can cause Major problems if the dosages are increased Without the Drs.. Management.
So Please contact your Dr..& Good Luck. Kathy

bethbeddow 25 Mar 2013

Thanks- I plan on calling her thos morning to speak with her. free discount card

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