My girlfriend has epilepsy, and she is on a variety of drugs. She was taking tegrotal once before, but had an allergic reaction to the medication and so her doctor just put her on kepra and gabopentin. During that period she was a normal girl. You'd never know she had anything wrong. Sometimes she would have an episode but that's it. Now her doctor thought it would be a good idea to have her desensitized to tegrotal again. Now she is up too 200mg a day. Not the same person. And down on gabopentin . She's always sick and the morning and her appetite is gone most of the time. Also the levels on her birth control are low now aswell.

We are discussing stopping the tegrotal because it's such a small dose. Reason being that we can never get ahold of the neurologist. I need a suggestion. Other than talking to a family doctor.

Can me make a suggestion of going back to gabopentin aND kepra?

Is there a specialist in southern ontario?