... am also Type 1 Diabetic. They (doctors) said that the CT would go away in 6 months and I wouldn't need to be on the pain medication for very long, I started out on Vicodin. Well needless to say 4 years later and I am on 12 Norco a day with bilateral nerve pain that radiates from my hands up to my shoulders and neck that is debilitating. I have had surgery for trigger finger and ended up getting a really bad infection in my hand causing my to have a picc line for a month with vanco twice a day for the whole month. This was because of me having Diabetes I caught the infection, therefore I am nervous to have the CT surgery, also people have told me that when you have severe pain the surgery does nothing for it. Well that really doesn't matter anyways I am pretty certain it has went past CT and into nerve pain in my neck and arms. Unfortunate yes, I am functionsl on all the medications it is like I am normal with it because I started out low and worked my way up to this high dose. The scary part is that I found out recently that I am pregnant and I want to have a child, but I am concerned about going thru all the pain and possibly losing my child to withdrawing while pregnant. Please someone give me advice?