My doctor just prescribed Latuda and even though I've done a lot of research, I'm really hesitant. I have bipolar with rare hypomania (usually manifests in insomnia, irritability, etc.) but have severe depressive symptoms. I've been on a big combo of baby doses of stuff for almost three years that seemed to work great. However, recently I started getting severely depressed again. He put me on Wellbutrin XL a few months ago to see if that would help with motivation but it hasn't. My insomnia is so bad that I physically cannot sleep without medication (doesn't matter if it's days/weeks). Because my Seroquel has stopped working and my Wellbutrin and Lamictal aren't doing the job, he's prescribing this. He says that it could replace all of my meds (except the Wellbutrin). But I'm nervous. Atypical antipsychotics tend to have weirder side effects. I'm starting at 20mg at night (tonight) with a meal for a few weeks to see how it goes. Anyone who's been on it long term have any great stories or helpful tips? I've been on so many different meds in the last 15 years and haven't cared what it was but since I've been feeling relatively better the last few years, I'm aware of everything I put into my body. I guess I'm just looking for some good stories of long term use! Thanks!