Hey friends, I commented on my own post yesterday about my call to my Psychiatrist regarding lowering my dose of Effexor XR (venflaxaline) from 75mg to 37.5 and then I wanted to eventually be done with this medicine. The list of side effects my body is not tolerating is long and constant. Even through my severe depression I have never been an angry, agitated and shall I just say, such a bitch! I never got to speak with him personally, just his medical assistant. After she told me he said I could just stop taking it, I told her that I did not feel safe going through withdrawal. I implored her to speak with him to write me a script for half the dose. I also told her of some of the withdrawal symptoms. I then called my pharmacist who agreed with me. After about two hours I received the dreaded call back that had me in tears. It also had me questioning my Doctor's ability, along with empathy and compassion. After my next visit, I will be getting another Dr. So, I am asking for your help in the best way for me to slowly taper off this medication from 75 mg as safely as possible. I am also on: Topamax 100 mg 2×day, Adderall 10mg 1×day, klonipin 1mg, up to 3×day, usually I take one a day (I see that changing now), and Ambien 10mg for sleep. Yesterday was a horrible day for me. I am already doing research to see which antidepressant I am going to try next time I see him. I was on Prozac before the Effexor. Wellbutrin is the frontrunner so far, but I do have some time... Today has been okay so far since I usually take my Effexor in the late afternoon since it makes me dizzy and drowsy. Any any words of wisdom, thoughts, experiences, prayers, would be so appreciated. You guys are the best!!!