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My nerves and depression have gotten worse since the Depot shot what can I do?

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LousArk 22 Sep 2017

Do you intend to come off Depo? If so, & you're not using any other form of hormonal birth control, then you can try Vitex/Chasteberry. It naturally balances hormones & made a huge difference to me after Depo Provera. Have a look online & do some research on it.

crazygirl66 26 Sep 2017

Have you been on birth control pills? I'm asking because I've tried 3 different kinds and they made my depression insane. Check with your doctor you may want let the depo leave your system and try a pill form because it leaves your system much faster. I've been on ortho tri-cyclen, lutera and Yasmin. But everyone is different, there is no easy answer. My doc seems to think I might do better with the Skyla IUD since it has the lowest dose of hormone, but then I'm stuck with it for 6 months at least. I'm assuming you don't have very painful, heavy periods? This is one reason I want a pill to work for me!
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