... for some advice:) and most of u seem intimately familiar w/ the kidney stone issue. Long story, but I'll try and keep this short. I'm a kidney stone suffer. My first stone was January 25th 2 yrs ago and since then I pass stones every 2-3 weeks. All are 1-3mm in size. And the pain is horrific and by the time my body heals from one stone I start to pass another and the pain cycle starts over again. Every, and I mean every CT I've had, (about 8 CT's the past 2 yrs), has Never caught sight of these calcium oxalate stones and most specialist doctors look at me like I have lobsters crawling out my ears when I tell them I suffer from chronic kidney stone attacks because past paperwork, labs, cts and so on, don't show that I have them or should even be forming them. Thats until I pull out to show them the vial of 2 doz or so kidney stones. One urologist actually had me in tears as I ran out of the exam room because he refused to believe me though I showed him the evidence and had medical records of previous instances. Yeah, its pretty bad that I have to carry around a vial of kidney stones just in case I end up in the er or whatnot and get a doc who refuses to believe me and as u can see, sometimes that doesn't even work! Sorry, venting. Anyhooooooo... Back on track, I'm a female and in my mid 30's and I'm wondering if anyone has heard of cases like mine? Or give me some advice on diet? I have docs telling me not to eat certcertain foods and other docs telling me that I can and should. I know about the citric acid remedy and drinking more water. But I'd LOVE to find something that will help prevent and cushion the blow while I'm passing these stones. Just recently my nephrologist ran some other tests that may imply that I may have hyperparathyroidism. Any advice would be appreciated :)