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My nephew is taking 220 mg of methadone a day, too much !!?

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Inactive 10 Apr 2012

You nephew is taking quite a bit of Methadone, but that is not for you or me to decide, but his doctor. I'm sure that he is going to a pain specialist, and some people need more meds than others. It would probably be better if he could try opiod rotation to lower his dosage, ONLY because if he needs surgery, or some serious accident happens to him that leaves him in acute pain, he will not be able to get pain relief as all his opiod receptors are filled by the methadone dose. Also, it is easy to OD on methadone, which can take DAYS to find out, and by then it is too late. I hate making judgements when I am NOT a pain doctor, just a pain patient who has been on a high dose of meth before. But when you are in terrible pain, you simply drop out of life and don't socialize with anyone including family because the pain is taking up all your energy. Who are we to decide?

Good luck!

starnote 17 Apr 2012

I went to a clinic for four years.Last year they started making everyone on 100mg. and higher get regular EKG's.They wouldn't confirm a problem,but then they don't bother to tell you methadone is harder to quit than heroin!

Jaimeheart 17 Apr 2012

The only safe way is weaning down SLOWLY but SURELY ,) I agree with above answer it's not fr anyone to decide I started on 120mls UK dosage 5 yrs ago highest dose they give heart monitored fr months I'm now only on 10 mls methadone & it's taken a long bumpy winding road but I had really goos family support I had to b honest & they weren't judgemental that's what did it for me aslong as I didn't lie to them & was open & they listened & asked questions & supported me I even had them come to clinic a safety net fr me when other users were there & chemist so that I didn't get dragged down I don't mean that harshly I just mean I was sooo determined I've not relapsed & am very proud I have myself bk slowly but surely it's all been worth it I love me now I have self respect bk instead of punishing myself I know I'd b six ft under by now & nobody can put me down or call me anything I haven't ...

rbrt672 19 Apr 2012

yes methadone is longer lasting and is proven to be 4 times as difficult to withdraw from than H. I do not know anyone who has successfully detoxed and is now completely drug free,i;ve been a opiate user for 14 years and have totally messed up but you need a goal and slowly reduce... take one step at a time no one asked to be in this trap just be grateful you're alive and survived addiction because i have known so many people who are no longer with us because of o.d. there is no answer really the doctors really dont care as they get paid to dish out methadone,i find in my town there is no real support and you have to help yourself,,, plan your days/weeks and take each stage as it comes and set targets its all about being positive.

Inactive 17 Apr 2012

OMG!! I thought that my dose was high! I take 180mg a day, but that went up over a 9 year period! I've been on the program for about 10 years and after a couple of screw ups early in the program I straightened my ass out and I have been totally clean for 9 years, 2 months, 2 weeks, and 2 days!!! Yes I know it down to the very day! lol I am in the process of coming down on my dose... I will probably be on the program for the rest of my life, (long story , but if you want me to explain I will , just ask me... :) ), I don't know how long he has been on that dose, but he should think about trying to wean down to a lower dose. It will be better for him in the long run. Believe me, if he is ever in an accident or needs surgery or anything that requires pain medicine, (and you can take pain killers if you are an addict if your doctor monitors you), they are going to have a very hard time getting his pain under control on that high if a dose..please try to talk him into weaning to a lower dose, most methadone clinics will do it and it's usually at the patients pace... hope this helps some..:)

isleyjulian 2 Nov 2017

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