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Do nembutal capsules 100mg have gelatin?

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Stephen Treloar 22 Aug 2014

As this was a few days old I thought to actually look into it and capsules are made of a variety of compounds depending on contents and where the medication is to be delivered to and absorbed in the GI tract.

I looked at some of my things that come in gel type capsules and those that are plasticky/rigid and the composition of the capsule is never listed. I doubt that Nembutal capsules are any different. As the Nembutal is a noxious looking green liquid (the vet used this to send my dog on ahead..) and I can't find any reference to a solid form, so it will come in one of those gel type capsules. I presume. Some I notice state that they don't use animal hooves as a feedstock for manufacturing gelatin.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, a wiki link should be fairly permanent. They have a nice illustrated 1 page entry on medication capsules and what they are made of. I can't really cut and paste the entire entry and the URL gets cut by this sites software by the brackets (go to the wiki and search for: "capsule (pharmacy)". From this page you should be able to tell the composition of most capsules.

I hope this is helpful; I certainly found it educational.

Take care.

Cornelia Brown 22 Aug 2014

Thank you Stephen. The Prozac capsules I took were veggie, but the diazepam capsules (I didn't take them) just said 'contains gelatine' but didn't specify equine or porcine, and as I am allergic to pork I didn't take them. 'Cause you never know. I guess I'll just have to go straight to the horse's mouth and ask them. Or wiki, as you suggested. From Cornelia Brown free discount card

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